Customer-centric analysis about business technology, the digital economy, and where the world’s headed.

We explore today’s digital revolution in conversations with the business executives and thought leaders helping to change how the world lives, works, plays, learns and dreams. Our guests dig into innovation, transformation, customer experience, AI, and new business models and how all of those are helping companies not just survive but thrive in today’s digital economy.

The Cloud Wars ranking of the 10 most-influential cloud vendors in the world. We adjust the rankings regularly, so check back for fresh insights and updates.

Cloud Wars top 10 April 27 2020


I’ve analyzed the enterprise-tech business for more than 20 years as an editor-in-chief and chief content officer, and more recently as Chief Communications Officer at Oracle from 2012-2016. I’ve written thousands of articles and columns about business innovation, strategy, leadership, disruptive technology, digital transformation and cloud computing.

In late 2016, I resigned from Oracle to launch the Cloud Wars franchise. It began with the Cloud Wars Top 10 ranking and weekly articles, and has since expanded into a twice-monthly newsletter, a regular podcast, and more—coming soon!

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