Morpographic is my speck of dust on the web. Its a home for images of my work in film, games product design and just fun stuff. Based on a site I built in 2001 this is a work in progress update, so where as it s a bit sparse in here at the moment, I hope to progressively update it with more info on what I have been and am currently working on.

Take a look around.








Long time new Spheres

Added a couple more spheres tonight as its been way too long. Hope the new year is finding you well. -Michael February 18, 2013

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Leverage… 391% Funded With 23 Days To Go!

OK, I’m more than pleased. Our little project is doing amazingly well. Not to mention its gene[...]

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171 Backers and going!

Our little Kickstarter Project is going great guns! Im so pleased. Thanks everyone for you’re [...]

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