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Kissing For Your Healthy

Sabtu, 28 September 2013

Kissing.. In addition to making your relationship more intimate, kiss also could make your love partner can being healthy. This is proof !

After marriage, the kiss is no longer a favorite activity to increase intimacy. Couples usually only do such activities as foreplay to increase your sex drive. Though the kiss actually have a lot of benefits, not just to make a couple more affectionate and intimate .From the health side, kissing also has many benefits. This is proof that you can live a healthier because a kiss, as quoted from Readers Digest USA :1. During this kissing is considered as a means of transmission of the virus. But in fact, contained saliva while kissing, is a natural remedy that can address the specific virus. In a study published in the journal Medical Hyphotheses, kiss a woman can enhance immunity of cytomegalovirus. This virus can cause a woman conceived the child suffered blindness or other negative impacts.2. Kissing can maintain the balance of the cardiovascular system. When you kiss your partner for a long time, the heart rate can be increased up to 110 per minute. This could be a good exercise for heart health.3. A kiss can make your weight remains stable or even decreases. This is because, kissing for 5 minutes can burn 12 calories. When compared on a treadmill or jogging session around the complex. Imagine if you do a sex session while continuing to kiss. You will probably burn half the chocolate that you enjoy handheld before.
 4. Kissing can also prevent the production of stress hormones, glucocorticoids. Hormone that causes high blood pressure, muscle weakness and insomnia. Kissing can make you relax naturally. Scientific reports say kissing increases levels of oxytocin, a hormone that relaxes the body, and also increases endorphins, hormones that give you pleasure. Exchanging saliva also been reported to increase dopamine, a hormone that gives a romantic feeling.
 5. Want more toned face? If so, please feel free to kiss more often. With a kiss, more than 30 facial muscles moving so useful for increasing blood flow to the skin and soften the skin.6. After kissing, usually breathing becomes faster. Average after kissing, people would inhale and exhale 60 times in one minute. While under normal circumstances, only 20 times per minute. Inhaling and exhaling more often will prevent many disorders in the lungs.7. When kissing, saliva production more automatic. According to the Dental Health Magazine, acid contained in the saliva would be a good protector for your teeth.8. Kissing is more than 3 minutes will stimulate the body to produce chemicals that will destroy the chain of causes of stress hormone.

9. Kissing helps you choose the best man. How is it possible? Anthropologist Helen Fisher describes the kiss as "assessment tool man". Most of the outer layer of the brain is able to capture the sensation around the lips, cheeks, tongue, and nose. A total of 5 of the 12 cranial nerves retrieve data from around the mouth, for the most sensitive feeling, whether it be by way of taste, smell, and touch. When you kiss someone, you can not see, feel and listen to her feelings? So, kissing is not just a kiss. Kissing, according to Fisher, is an "ad" in-depth about who you are, what you want, and what you can give.
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A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process

Sabtu, 10 November 2012

A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process

Skateboarding was first discovered in mid-1950, along with the development of surfing in the California, United States. First appeared, skateboarding is still created by human hands and made of wood combine with tire skates and connected by trucks of roller skates also a very thick and heavy. At that time people were also not familiar with the name 'skateboard', but 'sidewalk surfing'. Period-era started when Marty McFly used in a movie called "Back To The Future", Marty here using skateboards as a mode of transportation media.

A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process
Mid-1960, a skateboarding game is pretty mainstream in America. Two brand, the Hobie and Makaha saw the hole, and began producing skateboards, so the audience of the game is no longer bother to make a skateboard. They can buy directly and instantly play it. Skateborad popularity began to increase when a local magazine that discusses this game was rising, the Skateboarder Magazine. into a medium that is very helpful the skateboarder to know more fully about this. Makaha as one brand at a time it's really incredible profits, as many as 4 million U.S. dollars in the long ime two years (1963-1965).

Second generation 

Beginning in 1970, Frank began his career in the world Nasworthy skateboard skateboard circuitry design with polyurethane material is more famous with the name "Cadillac". Seeing the glory of skateboard, the more companies vying with each other to make this land as their business fields. One is a stand-Tracker Trucks in 1976. Skateboard be produced is much better than the previous skateboard on the market, Banana Board to board quite a trend at the time, its compact shape and elastic to make a board that is selling in the market. Not to mention the game of colors and designs are very attractive found on board. The glory did not last long, a very large cost to make the skate park becomes a problem in that era, and finally in the early 1980s began skateboarding is not heard from again.

Third generation

After disappearing for a while, skateboarding started to rise again in mid-1980. In this era many skateboarders who started creative and have sufficient funds so that they are able to make the vert ramp area for skateboarding. If at first the only skateboarder gliding just play that way, then it's time for the players to thank Alan Gelfand. Alan is the person who first discovered the technique ollie, and therefore his name more known as Alan "Ollie" Gelfand.After Alan Gelfand, so now turn to Rodney Mullen who give a new touch to the world of skateboarding. Mullen created a new style that is pretty extreme freestyle skating which is the starting point of modern skateboarding. Flatground styles like ollie, the ollie kickflip, the heelflip and 360 flip is a creation of boredom in a style that's all. Afterwards, other styles created with short noses like, slide rails, and large soft wheels.

Tired of the skatepark, then the skateboarders started looking for something more challenging, until public facilities such as shopping centers, sidewalks and city parks into fields for them. Style of game they were pretty extreme finally got the attention of the authorities extra tight, from terguran to severe sanctions must be received by the skaters were caught. Yet it does not deter them, even in some countries finally began to follow how to play like that.

The Fourth Generation

Skate board started to show changes back. The width of the board has now reached 8 inches long with 30 to 32 inches with tires made of polyurethane. Steve Caballero became one of the pioneers in this era. Apart form the board be it the design, the style of the skaters also look more attractive than previous years. Style of dress they also indirectly inspired by the music commonly heard the skaters, ranging from black music to rock music. Jeans paired with a t-shirt to be one option is mandatory.

The photos below are Board Skateboard Process

A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process
 Pressing machine for skate board gan pres. Jump 5 boards at once. That's why we sometimes there are similarities when buying exactly the same the other boards.

A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process

Skate board space for cooling before it is cut into specific shapes.

A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process

Phase drilling skate board. Phase of drilling is operated by a computer. So they can know how the basis for each board skate wheels.

A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process

Phase skate board cuts. This process was also already been printed
A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process

Phase-making boards arch. At this stage, a maker take 12 seconds for finish.

A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process
Phase sanding skate board. This stage is carried out in order to look smooth skate boards.

A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process

Phase gift brand logo. At this stage, giving the brand logo is done by using a laser.

A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process

Phase staining. At this stage also had to use the engine to get it over with.

A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process

after already half finished and then go to the packing stage.
A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process

At this stage, a skate board is ready to be marketed.

A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process

"A Brief History of Skateboard and Skateboard Board Process"

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You want to Slim? Follow 5 Eat Rules Here

You want to Slim? Follow 5 Eat Rules Here

want to Slim
To form a slim stomach, not enough to simply rely on exercise alone. You also need to more carefully select the type of food that can make your stomach full longer, so you are not tempted to overeat. Include the following:

1. Snack: Nuts almonds
When it comes to snack craving, do not buy biscuits or crisps. Instead, try to take nuts. The results of a recent study from UCLA showed that women who snacking a nuts, it can shrink the waist size of 50 percent more than those who do not. That is why, snack almonds far better than snacking biscuits, chips, or popcorn.

2. More satisfied: Protein
Instead of eating fatty foods, choose protein. The number of calories in the protein were 50 percent fewer than the number of calories in the fat (in equal parts). The number of calories that exist in the same protein with carbohydrates. But protein is more slowly digested by the stomach so that we will feel full longer. In addition, the protein is also able to reduce the production of ghrelin, which triggers appetite.

Research in Denmark to 60 volunteers to prove that they were serving food containing 25 percent of calories per day can shed more fat by 12 percent. Include a source of lean protein such as skinless chicken breast stew, yogurt, or fish at every meal.

3. Mandatory: Fiber
"Digestion is slow cause circulating glucose and insulin production slows participate less. Consequently, fat accumulates in the lower abdomen is so not a lot," said Marie Saverd, MD, author of The Body Shape Solution to Weight Loss and Wellness. The study of 2900 volunteers proved that volunteers who ate 25 grams of fiber each day, they can lose weight more than the volunteers who ate less than 25 grams of fiber per day.

4. Stay away from: Artificial sweeteners
Purdue University research proves that artificial sweeteners cause obesity riskier than natural sweetener. According to data from research, artificial sweeteners can lower the body's ability to recognize sweetness. Finally, we would be compelled to eat sweet things in greater amounts.

5. Discard: Foods high in calories
Sports will provide maximum results if followed by a good diet. By removing high-calorie foods, such as cafe latte favorite, rice, and cheese, automatic calorie intake we are so much less. Pair with a regular exercise program, then the weight will drop as much as 15-22 pounds in a year.

"You want to Slim? Follow 5 Eat Rules Here. To form a slim stomach, not enough to simply rely on exercise alone. You also need to more carefully select the type of food that can make your stomach full longer, so you are not tempted to overeat."
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10 Strange Phenomena in the Human Brain

10 Strange Phenomena in the Human Brain

Until now there are still many undiscovered mystery of our mind. Experts are able to explain the strange phenomena of our mind but still do not know where all that. Perhaps you have experienced some of the phenomena below.
10 Strange Phenomena in the Human Brain. Until now there are still many undiscovered mystery of our mind

1. Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu is the feeling when we believe have experienced or witnessed an event before, you felt the incident had never happened and over again. This was followed by a familiar feeling strong, scared and felt weird. Sometimes "earlier incident" was attributed to a dream, but sometimes there is a sense of steady if the incident really happened in the past.
10 Strange Phenomena in the Human Brain. Until now there are still many undiscovered mystery of our mind : Déjà Vu
2. Déjà Vécu
Déjà Vécu is a stronger sense of Déjà Vu. Déjà Vu if we had had never seen anything before, but in Déjà Vécu event will we know much more detail, like remembering the smell and sounds of the event.

3. Déjà visite
Déjà visite is an unusual feeling where we feel we know a place where previously we never visiting the place. If déjà vu associated with the event, while Déjà visite associated with the place or geography. Nathaniel Hawthorne in his book "Our Old Home" tells the story as he visited the ruins of a castle, suddenly felt that he was very familiar with the layout of the castle for the first time he visited it. Later she realized that years earlier he had read poems by Alexander Pope that describes in detail the castle.

4. Déjà Senti
Déjà Senti is the phenomenon of "never felt" something. It happened like this example: "You are never to say anything, in your mind you say," Oh yes, I understand "or" Oh yes, I remember! "But 1 or 2 minutes later you will realize that you actually never said anything ".

5. Jamais Vu
Jamais Vu (never seen / experienced) is the opposite of déjà vu. So you're not familiar with a situation when you are convinced that you have recently been there. Confused? Here's a trivial: a sudden you do not know people, words, or place before you know. In experiments conducted Chris Moulin on 92 people who were told to write the word "door" 30 times in 60 seconds apparently 68 people have symptoms of Jamais Vu, the feeling that the "door" is not even a word. Yes Jamais Vu diagnosed as "brain fatigue".

6. Presque Vu
Presque Vu is a strong feeling that you will experience an epiphany. Epiphany is rare. Presque Vu meaning "almost seen" and the sensation can be very confusing and strange.

7. L'esprit de l'Escalier
L'esprit de l'Escalier is when you feel you can do something better on a situation after it happened. Examples like this: You're a football player, a penalty when you kick the ball to the left side and it worked blocked goalkeeper. Suddenly your mind said, "Ahh, I actually had been convinced that the right definitely a goal kick!" So L'esprit de l'Escalier is a sense of regret not doing the opposite of the previous events.
10 Strange Phenomena in the Human Brain. Until now there are still many undiscovered mystery of our mind : L'esprit de l'Escalier

8. Capgras Delusion
Capgras Delusion is a phenomenon where we feel confident that our family or close friends are actually others that his form is exactly the same. As the stories in the movie Alien where the human body is taken over by the aliens in order to coexist with human beings. Fantasizing is common in people with schizophrenia or other mental disorders.
10 Strange Phenomena in the Human Brain. Until now there are still many undiscovered mystery of our mind : Capgras Delusion

9. Fregoli Delusion
Fregoli Delusion is a phenomenon of the brain which is very rare. People who have Fregoli Delusion strongly believe that some people who he knew were the people who actually do the various disguises. Fregoli derived from the name of Italian actors "Leopoldo Fregoli" could perform quickly change the appearance of the show.
10 Strange Phenomena in the Human Brain. Until now there are still many undiscovered mystery of our mind : Fregoli Delusion

10. Prosopagnosia

Prosopagnosia is a phenomenon in which a person loses the ability to recognize faces or other objects that they should know. People who experience this usually use other senses to remember the person, such as the smell of perfume, speech or how to walk the guy. The most famous example of this case published by Michael Nyman in his book "The man who mistook his wife for a hat".
10 Strange Phenomena in the Human Brain. Until now there are still many undiscovered mystery of our mind : Prosopagnosia

"10 Strange Phenomena in the Human Brain. Until now there are still many undiscovered mystery of our mind : Déjà Vu, Déjà Vécu, Déjà visite, Déjà Senti, Jamais Vu, Presque Vu, L'esprit de l'Escalier, Capgras Delusion, Fregoli Delusion, Prosopagnosia"
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Reasons Why Stadium in England Not Using Fences

Reasons Why Stadium in England Not Using Fences

Besides known for his Kick And Rush, Premier League known as the number one quality field. And another thing, it turns out stadiums in England do not have a fence between the stands to the field. And more great again, bleachers distance not more than 5 meters from the ground. Why is that?

Reasons Why Stadium in England Not Using Fences, English Football

Turns out it was imposed not because the audience League on well and orderly, but because the audience in stunned and brutal. what .. why is that? brutal fans, why not given the guardrail? Here it is history and why. . .

Reasons Why Stadium in England Not Using Fences, English Football, heysel tragedy

You must know the Liverpool supporters riot conducted in Belgium during the Champions League final against Juventus. The riots that occurred May 29, 1985 which became known as the Heysel tragedy it took the lives of 39 people.

Impact the tragedy of European football. There was certainly no fault of sanctions. Problem unrest and violations, Europe's most assertive. UEFA ban Liverpool finally played in Europe for 5 years. And unique, FA (English Football Confederation), even help add a punishment.

And more unique, not only Liverpool, but all English clubs may not play outside of the UK for 5 years! And the most unique, was not a protest of clubs subject to sanctions.

"But Liverpool's wrong, why I get the sap?" Maybe once chirped the English clubs. All resigned. Liverpool fans act when it's a drunk and categorized hooligans actually slapping English football. But once all the clubs agreed introspection.

FA punishment does not stop there. There are many other security parameters change. The most striking is the removal of the guardrail and the field and the stands should not mention there stands a class standing (no seats) throughout the UK. In Europe, only the UK that does not sell tickets without seats.
Reasons Why Stadium in England Not Using Fences, English Football
FA was criticized by the British football public, and even Europe. Obviously many are furious because the price is cheap standing tickets. And is considered the most insane thing is to remove the barrier. There is a fence wrote violent, especially toothless empty?

But for FA, it stands center-class supporters culprit. So, now all the stadiums in the UK without a fence and does not sell tickets numbered seats. FA is an experienced organization. Their idea was successful.

Loss makes fence adult English fans. Because FA also record the identity spectators entering the stadium. Once make violent, the fans will be banned across the UK entered the stadium for several years, even forever. In the stadium also not be visible police force aka the disguise.

Reasons Why Stadium in England Not Using Fences, English Football, kungfu kicks by eric cantona
With these rules, it does not mean football Premier League 100% safe. Red Devils fans certainly will not forget the "kung fu kick" Eric Cantona to Crystal Palace fans on the sidelines.
Reasons Why Stadium in England Not Using Fences, English Football, baloons in the goal

Or The Kop still remember the incident balloon entry to the field thrown a teenager who finally makes liverpool lost to Sunderland.

Apart from that, I think we shall be holding two thumbs up for courage and attitude of adult FA Premier League fans who used to make people nervous, now it is relatively more polite. 

"Reasons Why Stadium in England Not Using Fences. we shall be holding two thumbs up for courage and attitude of adult FA Premier League fans who used to make people nervous, now it is relatively more polite"
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5 Reasons Why After Using Computer We Must Passing Phase Shut Down

5 Reasons Why After Using Computer We Must Passing Phase Shut Down

After Using Computer We Must Passing Phase Shut DownEvery time we use a computer, after we shall do the shutdown process. however, usually some users sometimes like lazy shutdown pending a rather long time, so get on with it turned off from the power button or from the outlet. Well for those who've done it are advised to read this discussion. If we are too often shut down the computer by turning off the electrical connection to the computer without shutdown process, there are several obstacles that will happen:

1. During the process of re-registering the computer will shutdown the computer components in use (used) and the software and data used or that the delete.
If we turn off the computer directly, then the component or software and data used can not be saved into the registry, so if there is a problem on a computer, the computer can not run a system recovery based on the date or time on the set.

2. At the time of the shutdown, the processor gives orders to the bios to stop all the jobs component of the equipment, so that current or power is disconnected normally unused.

But if we turn off the computer component directly sudden death without breaking the normal flow so that over time will cause damage to computer components.

3. At the time of the shutdown the computer fan will work two times faster for the processor cooling process, if we turn off the computer directly, then the processor cooling is not working normally then over time the processor can be damaged.

4. At the time of the shutdown system memory will be emptied, so that when the computer is used again then the memory is really in a state refresh, if we turn off the computer directly it is possible that the memory can be corrupted.

5. At the time of the shutdown works hard disk for storing data ordered processor and copy the data into the registration software components as well as the computer, the hard disk will then head back to the starting position (the position does not read the hard disk).

If we turn off the computer directly in addition to the data and software components are not stored in the registry, as well as the position of the hard disk head is in the middle of the cylinder hard disk, so that when the computer is turned on can damage the cylinder, causing the hard disk bad sectors hard disk, the old over time will cause the hard disk is damaged.

After Using Computer We Must Passing Phase Shut Down

That's why when the computer Shutdown long to die. Therefore, if you should turn off your computer must process shutdown first, if we do not want any damage to computer system problems, both its software and hardware.

"5 Reasons Why After Using Computer We Must Passing Phase Shut Down. If we turn off the computer directly in addition to the data and software components are not stored in the registry, as well as the position of the hard disk head is in the middle of the cylinder hard disk, so that when the computer is turned on can damage the cylinder, causing the hard disk bad sectors hard disk, the old over time will cause the hard disk is damaged"
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Tips to Reduce Tired When Playing a Computer

Tips to Reduce Tired When Playing a Computer

As human workers who make computers as one loyal friend of course every day we will be met and greeted him. Maybe it's just an hour or two hours, but some are in contact with a laptop or PC up to 10 hours per day. Of course we need effort and tips, so that we can avoid fatigue, physical fatigue and tired minds. Now for more details, 26 tips may be useful:

Tips to Reduce Tired When Playing a Computer. so that we can avoid fatigue, physical fatigue and tired minds
    Tips to Reduce Tired When Playing a Computer. so that we can avoid fatigue, physical fatigue and tired minds
  • Adjust the seat height appropriate height.
  • The location of the edge of the monitor is in one straight line with your eyes so that the head does not look up or down when looking at the monitor. 
  • Distance monitor with an eye in the reading distance (about 50cm) so that the body does not need to bend any notice to the monitor. 
  • Set the 'refresh rate' monitor at 72Hz or more so that the eyes do not get tired.
  • The entire back propped up nicely by soft seat backrest.
  • Use the back of your foot (footrest) so that the arms are relaxed.
  • Upper and lower arm form a 90 degree angle when typing.
  • Both the base of your palms resting / leaning on the table, not hanging.
  • Use a chair with a buffer / down armrests.
  • In order to read comfortably, adjust the brightness and contrast settings of the monitor, not too light so blinding and adequate contrast so easy to read the writing on the monitor.
  • Avoid the bright light directly behind or in front of the monitor.
  • Ensure adequate lighting in the room to read books / papers printed.
  • Use and set the right headphone & microphone (headset) is provided in order to hear clearly and talk without having to shout.
  • Avoid sitting the same position for a long time, vary some comfortable sitting position.
  • To support the work of the optimal exposure and prevent health problems, it is advisable to Rest for 5 minutes each to work for 1 hour, rest can not be combined. Use this short break to walk, do light exercise movements, or take a drink.
  • When a longer break (15-30 minutes) every 4 hours worked, use to relax / rest & eat.
  • To reduce eyestrain, look out the window (the view) or distant objects every 10-15 minutes.
  • Make sure to drink enough to prevent dehydration. Fluid requirements are recommended for those who work in air-conditioned room is about 50-60cc/kgBB/hari. For example, if you weigh 50kg, then at least have to drink about 2500cc/hari.
  • Do not hold urine for preventing urinary tract infections or stone formation in the urinary tract.
  • Adjust the room temperature work, not too cold or too hot. Temperature that is too hot will make tired and emotional increased, while the temperature is too cold will make the muscles become rigid and more susceptible to injury. The recommended temperature is around 24-25 degrees Celsius.
  • If possible, turn the music volume low to avoid saturation and reduce emotional.
  • Sleeping in a sufficient amount, approximately 6-8 hours / day.
  • Eat foods that are nutritionally complete, varied, and balanced, as well as plenty of fiber (vegetables / fruits).
  • Heavy meal 1-2 hours before starting work so that there is enough energy to work without being bothered of hunger or sleepiness.
  • Regular exercise 2-3 times per week.
  • Immediately consult a doctor any time felt any symptoms / complaints in the body that are not normal so it can be quickly treated.
Tips to Reduce Tired When Playing a Computer. so that we can avoid fatigue, physical fatigue and tired minds

Well, now we know it is becoming increasingly computer how to play in a healthy and safe for our health. From now on let's try to get used to practicing. In the house, in the room of our work, in the cafe, or in the meeting room. Treat yourself with humanity when we are dealing with our loved this one. He will not get mad even if we are going to live-live really.

"Tips to Reduce Tired When Playing a Computer. so that we can avoid fatigue, physical fatigue and tired minds"
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13 Technology Found In Not Intentional

Jumat, 09 November 2012

13 Technology Found In Not Intentional

1. Penicillin

You may already be familiar with Alexander Fleming, Scottish scientist who conducted research on the attenuated bacteria, called staphylococci or staphylococci. The truth is that when he returned from a vacation in 1928, he found one of his experiments had been overgrown cup mushrooms, which upset him and threw it. At that time he had not realized that the bacteria Staphylococcus unable to live in the overgrown fungus fungal.

13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Penicillin13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Penicillin
After Fleming re-examined and found that the mushroom can inhibit the growth of bacteria, he later published his findings, but did not get much attention. Then in 1945, after more research done by some other scientists, it is believed that the new penicillin could be produced on an industrial scale, so this gave way for the treatment of bacterial infection or inflammation to the present.

2. Microwave Oven

In 1945 Percy Lebaron Spencer, an American engineer and inventor, was busy working in the factory magnetron, a device used to generate microwave radio signals that an early form of radar. Radar is an incredibly important innovation during the war, but the use of microwaves to cook food was unintentional.

13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Microwave Oven

When he was standing near a magnetron is alive, Spencer found that chocolate bar melted in his pocket. His mind was sharp immediately understood that it was due to microwaves. Then he tried the popcorn seeds, then the egg to explode. The first microwave oven weighed about 340 pounds with a size of a refrigerator.

3. Ice cream cone 
This story is a perfect example of an accidental discovery, and a rare chance encounter that gave effect to the whole world. Dan is a sweet meeting.
In early 1904, ice cream was served on a plate. Until one day at the World's Fair that year, in Saint Louis, Missouri, two foods that seem unrelated to the inevitable connected together.

13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Ice cream cone

At the moment it is very hot at the World's Fair in 1904, sells ice cream with ice cream depot fast that ran out of plates. Depot next to the ice cream was not so lucky, the seller Zalabia - a kind of wafer thin waffle from Persia - and the depot owners proposed an idea for zalabia rolled into a cone and put a piece of ice cream on top. So the ice cream cone was born - and until now we still find ice cream cone, as modern as any ice cream creation.

4. Champagne 
According to many Dom Pierre Perignon champagne regarded as the inventor. Benedictine monks even though the 17th century did not mean it, that makes wine with bubbles in it-because in fact he has spent many years trying to prevent that from happening. The wine is full of air bubbles is considered a sign of poor wine making process. 

13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Champagne

Hope Perignon actually to meet French officials preferred form of white wine. Since black grapes were easier to grow in the Champagne region, he found a way to squeeze out white juice from black grapes. But because relatively cold climate in Champagne, the wine was fermented finally after two seasons, until his second year in the bottle. 

The result is a wine full of bubbles of carbon dioxide gas by Perignon tried to clear but failed. Fortunately, a new wine that eventually became the top choice among aristocrats, officials in both French and English.

5. Post-It note paper 
The discovery paper Post-It notes that simple is a collaboration that happens between a poor science to a church that desperate. In 1970, Spencer Silver, a researcher with the American company 3M, had been trying to formulate a kind of strong glue, but ended in the creation of a very weak glue that could be removed easily. He introduced his invention at 3M, but nobody cares. 

13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Post-It note paper

Four years later, Arthur Fry, a 3M colleague and member of Silver in the choir at his church, disturbed by the fact that little paper tucked in the books as a sign of spiritual songs page limit always falls when the book is opened. He then asked for help from Spencer Silver to use its findings, the weak glue book pages as a boundary marker. Marker in the form of paper paste adhesive findings Spencder Silver works perfectly, and he then sold the idea to 3M. Marketing trials began in 1977, until the post-it is known around the world today.

6. Potato chips 
In 1853, at a restaurant in Saratoga, New York, someone who was having dinner, Cornelius Vanderbilt, looks very chatty as repeatedly refused to eat fried foods ordered. He complained it was too thick and fried too wet. 

13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Potato chips
Having restored a few dishes and then more dilute potato pieces, head cook George Crum decided to fry the thinly sliced ??potatoes are fried in lots of oil, so the potato chips today.  Vanderbilt initially protested the business head cook, he fries were too thin to be stabbed with a fork, but after a few trials, potato chips then became a favorite, and soon everyone in the house to eat the order. So on the menu listed "Saratoga Chips", which became known to the world.

7. Slinky 
13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Slinky You surely know this one toy, a roll of wire that is colored by the jangle-shaped when shake. Originally this toy is just a decoration on a desk an expert mechanic, Richard James, who some time in 1940 that when spring arrives, tripped and rolled across the floor after stepping on the object so it must lie sick. 

 13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Slinky 
After several prototypes, slinky finally ready to be introduced in toy stores in 1948, which then became one of the most popular toys of the icons of all time. James's wife, Betty, was the one who suggested the name "Slinky", and as CEO of the company since 1960. Over 250 million Slinky has been sold throughout the world, and even slinky used as mobile radio antennae during the Vietnam War.

8. Pacemakers 
13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Pacemakers 
Such as penicillin, this is another accidental discovery that has saved the lives of many people today. An American engineer, Wilson Greatbatch, is working with a device that records heart rate irregular, when he inserted a wrong type of resistor into his invention. The circuit pulsed, then a pause, then pulsed again, prompting Greatbatch to compare this reaction with human heart and use it on the first pacemaker that can be implanted in the world or implanted into the human body. 

Prior versions may be used in humans implanted after 1960, pacemakers have been based on the external model invented by Paul Zoll in 1952. This tool measures a television and distributing electric shocks are adjusted to the patient's body, which often cause skin burns. Greatbatch also developed inventions using iodid lithium battery cells to power his pacemaker.

9. Super strong glue (Superglue) 
13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Superglue 
Materials are more sticky. This one is famous for its high adhesive power, not like Post-It Notes above. Super strong glue created in 1942 when Dr. Harry Coover was trying to isolate a clean plastic material to make up the firearms. While he was working with chemicals cyanoacrylates, immediately after contact with dew polymerized material makes all the chemicals in the experiment tied together. For Coover experiment failed, and research continues.

Six years later, Coover worked at a chemical plant in Tennessee, and realize the potential of a substance when they were testing the heat resistance of cyanoacrylates, known previously that the glue-glue does not require heat and pressure to form a strong bond. So, after a certain amount of commercial refinement, Superglue or "Alcohol-Catalyzed Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Composition" (composition of materials Cyanoacrylate glue catalyzed by alcohol) was born. Glue that is used later to deal with the wounded soldiers in the Vietnam War - the glue that can be sprayed on open wounds, stemming bleeding and facilitate the transport of the soldiers. Lem has saved many lives of victims injured by firearms.

10. Saccharin 
Saccharin, the oldest artificial sweetener, accidentally discovered in 1879 by a researcher named Constantine Fahlberg, a man who once worked at the Johns Hopkins University in the laboratory professor Ira Remsen. Fahlberg discovery began when he forgot to wash his hands before lunch, which previously had been thronged with similar chemicals in the laboratory. Chemicals that subsequently led to the bread he ate a strange sweet taste.

13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Saccharin

In 1880, the two scientists jointly published the discovery, but in 1884, Fahlberg obtained a patent and began mass producing saccharin without Remsen material. The use of saccharin will not expand if not for the limited use of sugar during World War I, and her fame increased during the 1960's until the 1970's because it is used by the factory Sweet'N Low and soft drinks (soft drinks) to the diet.

11. Vulcanized rubber (tire rubber) 
Christopher Columbus, discoverer of America, was the first to introduce a rubber ball from the West Indies to Europe. Rubber material is great but a foul-smelling substance sangit, hardens when cold and too sticky when warm and seem not be used for practical purposes.
Three hundred years later Charles Goodyear set up a company and strive to make useful materials. Previous seven years, he tried to cultivate rubber material with magnesium oxide, bronze powder, nitric acid and lime adhesive, but still no results. 

13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Vulcanized rubber

Then, in an auspicious day in 1839, he cleaned his hands of the spread powder, which consists of a mixture of rubber and sulfur. Powders and fell into a furnace on fire. When the rubber melts, it reacts with the sulfur material. This is the first time vulcanized rubber or rubber tires created, and until now you can sleep soundly in a car because of this accident.

12. X-ray machines
In 1895, German physicist, Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen, was trying to find a way to be able to see out of a cathode ray tube glass is fully covered by a black cardboard. He realized it was impossible but he found something more interesting about it. 

13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: X-ray machines

He tried to put various objects in front of the device, but the surprise was that he saw the bones in the hand itself, then, the results were projected onto the wall. Chest X-rays are aware that it can penetrate solid objects as well. Immediately, he called yahg rays can penetrate it with the name of an x-ray or we know well the X-ray - as the name suggests. Today, these tools have become a standard tool in the health hospitals.

13. Viagra 
13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Viagra 
If you are a person with erectile dysfunction, you should be grateful to the researchers of Merthyr Mydfil, a town in Wales. In 1992, they conducted several clinical trials to test a new drug that was originally expected to treat hypertension. The experiments have failed very badly as no sightings of their blood pressure levels to normal point. But when the measured blood pressure is rising, they see no other go up - you must know what I mean (he he he). The project would have stopped if if the side effects do not show up. Now this drug is known by the name "Viagra" drug "opponents of gravity" which is used to produce a "steel rod" strong.

"13 Technology Found In Not Intentional: Penicillin, Microwave Oven, Ice cream cone, Champagne, Post-It note paper, Potato chips, Slinky, Pacemakers, Superglue, Saccharin, Vulcanized rubber, X-ray machines, Viagra"
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