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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Some Pioneer Woman on the Hutch.

Some time ago I started a secret collection
of Pioneer Woman plates from Walmart. 
Every week I would go to Walmart 
to buy just one dinner plate and one salad plate 
of each design.
With plans to mix and match them
on our hutch-buffet.
When Sam found out, she was 
and instead of buying one set a week,
we went to Walmart and bought whatever was left 
that I needed from the collection.
We also picked out the Flea Market collection
Salt & Pepper Shakers
and butter dish,
The depression jade glass 
Timeless Beauty Cake Stand was a must have.
Later we bought the 
Flea Market Pitcher.
Then the Polka Dot Batter Bowl.
I put Cutie tangerines in it as a storage bowl. 
We were quite satisfied with the collection
until she started releasing more and more
patterns and even more beautiful designs.
Sam says we are done collecting since
we filled up the hutch.
I say, time to start another secret collection.
Maybe for a future tablescape!
Thanks for stopping by
Stay safe and happy hunting.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Chocolate Bunny Factory

Here's something I just discovered,
even though it's been around since 1950.
That beautiful illustration of 
a chocolate bunny factory print on canvas.
Titled "Chocolate Easter Bunnies" 
by Steven Dohanos, and available 
by Marmont Hill
It's printed on a stretched canvas
over a wood frame.
It can be ordered in several different sizes,
from 14''x15'' to 24''x24'' all the way up 
to 48''x48'', and range in price 
from $30.00 to $334.99! 
Originally published on the cover of 
"The Saturday Evening Post" 
on March 25, 1950.
Illustrator Steven Dohanos was sent to 
the newly relocated and much larger, 
R M Palmer Chocolate Novelty Company
 in Reading, Pennsylvania.
image from Google Maps
He set up his easel and for three days 
painted the chocolate works as the 
bunnies paraded past.
He illustrated the steel bunny molds where 
molten chocolate is poured into one side, closed
shaken and rotated, that coats both sides 
as well as turns it hollow on the inside.
He captured the assembly line of hand decorators.
Does Palmer still put roses on the bunnies?
They must have in 1950.
Palmer does claim that they still hand tie the bows 
on every bunny they produce today!
These large prints sure do look beautiful.
I just can't imagine buying one so big.
I think the smaller sizes are a bit more 
manageable not to mention affordable.
Everyone stay safe out there
and thanks for stopping by.
Hoppy Hunting!

UPDATE: 4/12/2020
Look what just arrived at 8:00 tonight!
  Sam let me order the 21'' x 22'' 
canvas print from Art.com.
It arrived just in time for Easter Sunday!
I originally thought the 18''x18'' size print 
would have been the perfect size but 
the bigger one was cheaper!
Now I just need to work on the prefect 
arrangement of the cookie jars as to not block 
the details of the illustration.

I hope everybunny had a 
safe and wonderful Easter!

Friday, January 31, 2020

Update on the Firethorn Bush

The Pyracantha (Santa Cruz) bush (also called a Firethorn for its ½'' long thorns) 
Bloomed magnificently this year!
I last posted about it here in 2014.
In the years since 2014 the bush has 
underperformed.  Nothing worthy of a post.
Last year literally only 23 berries showed up and
the week after Christmas they were gone, 
the victims of hungry birds.
But this year the bush bloomed with a vengeance!
Thousands of flowers all over the branches.
Happy little bees swarmed the shrub all Spring. 
And by Christmas we had this beautiful 
patch of red in the yard to add 
to the festive decor.
Sam and I freshened up our garland 
and wreaths this year. We gave them
a rustic woodsy look.
We added buffalo plaid ribbon and 
moose, bear, fox, and squirrel 
elements to the mix.
Even the big wreath got its 
3 to 5 year makeover.

We added acorns, pine cones, 
antlers, and a rustic Santa.
It sure was nice having the berry bush 
in all its dashing red gaiety.
Even the birds haven't been able to 
dull its loveliness.  
The bush is still full of berries and it's
the end of January.
Thanks for stopping by
and happy hunting.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Thanksgiving Pheasant

After seeing Susan's beautiful centerpiece
on her blog "Between Naps On The Porch"
I got dreadfully jealous for her 
white pheasant vase. 
Thankfully I also learned from her blog 
that William Sonoma had it on sale 
right now!!!
I headed right over to their website
and found it on clearance
for $83.99 down from $139.95!
After convincing Sam that we needed one,
we headed over to our 
local brick and mortar that night.
They had two in stock but neither 
still had their original box, 
which I require for storage.
The helpful clerk recommended 
I order online with free shipping
and I'd get one with its box.
We ordered it that night!
It arrived days later and
I must say, It's huge!
Measuring in @ 
21¾'' long x 8¾''wide x 18¾''high
but it is beautiful.
Here it is in dramatic lighting - oooooo!
 I can't wait to mix it into next year's 
Thanksgiving tablescape!

A year ago a friend of mine gave me a
pumpkin truck cookie jar from Pier 1. 
unfortunately it was missing its lid.
So this year Sam and I paid a visit to 
Hobby Lobby and Michael's 
to gather some fall foliage
and turn it into a planter. 

We think it turned out pretty nice!
You can't even tell it was 
supposed to be a cookie jar.

Thanks for stopping by and 
happy hunting!
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