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    Protein Glue Tips for Summertime

    Summertime is here. While many of us are looking forward to the warm weather, that extra heat and humidity can mean manufacturing challenges for some. You’ve probably noticed the consistency of your glue change during the warmer months if you’re using protein glue.

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    Using Adhesives and Materials in the Development of Medical Packaging

    The need for packaging in the medical and personal care market is constantly evolving. Packaging is incredibly important because it helps keep the products safe and sterile. All parts of the packaging from the materials used to the glue holding it together need to be considered to create a safe product. If proper planning does not occur ahead of time, flaws in medical packaging can cause delays and ruined items.

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    Creating Environmentally-Friendly Packaging with Biodegradable Adhesive

    The rising demands for more eco-friendly packaging and products have sparked a growing interest in plastic-free adhesives. As we all strive to contribute to a greener planet, taking time to consider the adhesives that make our packaging, labeling, and lamination processes possible can make a big difference.

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    The LD Davis Green Advantage

    LD Davis has been making eco-friendly, non-toxic, repulpable, recyclable and biodegradable adhesives long before it was fashionable to be “green.”

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