Here’s Why Gyms Love
Martial Arts on Rails

01/ 10
  • This software is very useful for martial arts gyms. I run a grappling gym, and the features for this software are fantastic.

    Further, the developer is extremely responsive, and walked me through the entire process from start to finish. He is also consistently updating his product, and incorporates feedback from users to make Martial Arts on Rails better every month.

    I would recommend this software to anyone!
    David GorhamDavid GorhamColossal Fight Company
  • The interface is extremely user friendly, and what was once time consuming tasks are now a breeze with this program.

    Their tech support has been very prompt with answering questions and resolving any issues - this has been the best support of any software I have worked with by far.

    Martial Arts on Rails has been a blessing for our gym and I would highly recommend it to any gym owner. 5 Stars all day!
    Robert GallegosRobert GallegosGrizzly MMA
  • After three years of dodging the bigger companies peddling their software, my partner and I decided to give MA on Rails a try.

    Any issues or questions we had were answered promptly and any feedback we have was immediately put to use to make the software truly compatible for our gym.

    Currently we are using MA on rails at both of our locations and are very happy with the product and service provided.
    Branden GuptillBranden GuptillHonu BJJ
  • Our clientele doubled within the first four months of using this software. It has been absolutely amazing.

    Easy to set up new students. Easy to find history of payments. It's very organized and easy to navigate. I love that our members have access to their own profiles.

    Love this software!
    Mission SubmissionsHeidi SmithMission Submissions
  • The Best Software for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy!

    Very helpful, if you had any issue they will answer you right away! The software is easy to use to keep track of your members.

    Martial Arts on Rails have done a great job and I recommended to anyone out there!
    Derrick TorresDerrick TorresKnights BJJ
  • All features requests are considered and thought through.

    I looked at 50+ different options and tried ~10 that were affordable. Martial Arts on Rails was in the top 3, I was sold by the support that was absolutely, and still is, great. Very fast response to explain, correct or enhance.

    I can only recommend this software. It is not the cheapest but far from the more expensive. Definitely worth the money!
    Franck RoyerFranck RoyerUTS Jitsu
  • I love how easy it was to setup for our dojo! And it built our front landing page AND student portal all at the same time. Billing is easy and perfect. Nothing but great stuff.

    What few small problems I've had were quickly addressed. I have had ZERO problems with the back-end payment system or student management.
    Leif SummerfieldLeif SummerfieldBozeman Aikido
  • Using Martial Arts on the Rails has made my life much easier. With the last management software I was using I had to spend hours on the phone and honestly just dreaded going in to the gym to work on the computer.

    I now have a lot more confidence in the way that I am managing the business, our programs and our memberships and I am more organized.
    Molly ShieldsMolly ShieldsKaijin MMA
  • Exceptional product.

    It is quite intuitive - It does so many things for me that I would spend endless time trying to do for myself. It is also priced fairly.
    Jared EmfieldJared EmfieldSoma Jiu-Jitsu Academy - Idaho Falls
  • Payment system and student lead tracking is unparalleled.

    This software is amazing for keeping a martial arts school on track. They are continually improving features as well and we highly recommend anyone use it.
    Earl DunnEarl DunnAlpha & Omega Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Switching from Kicksite to Martial Arts On Rails - Website integration is awesome, I use square for my business and as far as I know this is the only software that integrates square into their system.

    The cost compared to kicksite is better as compared per student. So far very impressed would recommend people giving this software a chance.
    Michael JonesMichael JonesEscambia Martial Arts


Members screenshot

Member Management

  • Digital member sign-up and waivers at your front desk
  • Attendance tracking and insights per member and per session
  • Manage member contacts and agreements
  • Rank management, with promotion dates and attendance
  • Member notifications about attendance, billing, absence, promotions, birthdays and more
Billing screenshot

Billing And Memberships

  • Bill members automatically using a debit or credit card, or with a bank account
  • Charge members on demand for gear purchases, private lessons and more
  • Member Email alerts on new bills, expiring payment cards, overdue payments and more.
  • Automatic rebilling and overdue payments resolution
Website screenshot

Gym Website

  • Establish your online brand with a professional website
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Includes instructors' information, photo gallery, gym schedule, custom content pages and more.
  • Mobile and tablet friendly (responsive website)
  • Create unlimited lead generation forms
Dashboard screenshot

Gym Overview And Dashboards

  • Make data-driven business decisions with summaries and graphs of income, attendance, leads and more.
  • Real-time view of attendance for each training session.
  • Alerts and notifications about members and billing.
  • Performance breakdown of training sessions by attendance
Marketing screenshot

Marketing and growth

  • Breakdown and summaries of all member acquisition channels.
  • Referral program tracking and rewards.
  • Mass Email messaging to members and leads.
  • Lead generation through the gym website.
Member profile screenshot

Member Accounts

  • Gym branded online portal for members.
  • Members can update their personal information online.
  • Online bill payment and overdue payment resolution.
  • Personal attendance data and statistics for members.


Whether at your front desk, at home or away at a seminar, you always have full access to your gym management tools.

Onboard new members, resolve billing issues and track your gym revenue and attendance on your laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Learn more about our features
Dashboard on tablet
Dashboard on mobile
  • Easy To Set Up, Simple To Use

    We understand the pain of trying to use a product that wasn’t designed properly so we spent years optimizing ours to provide you with the best experience possible.

  • A Modern Tool That Gives Your Gym A Premium Feel

    Make an impression on your members and prospects when they sign-up, check-in to class and make payments. Use a tool that matches the quality of your services.

  • And If you need help? We are here to support you!

    If you have any questions or issues with our software, we’ll do our best to help you get the most out of it. Don’t believe it? Read what our customers have to say about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the payment processing fees?

    All payment processing is run through our payments parters - Stripe, Square, and Mollie, and each have their own set of fees depending on your location and payment types.

    We do not charge anything extra beyond the fees charged by your selected payment processor.

  • Can I use direct bank debit?

    We support direct bank debits for member payments, depending on your location and payment processor.

    Stripe and provide ACH and eChecks respectively to US customers. Stripe and Mollie provide SEPA bank debits to EU customers.

  • How do I track promotions?

    You can track attendance using a tablet at the front desk, or manually at the back office.

    For each program you run in your gym, you can set up promotion criteria for each rank / belt, and then generate reporting on members' progress towards their promotion criteria. The system also generates notifications when members are ready to be tested for promotion.

  • I have an existing website, can I use it with your software?

    All of our online features can work independently from the website we provide, and integrate on your existing website.

    This includes the gym weekly schedule, lead capture forms, the member sign-up form and access to the member portal.

  • Are you available in my country?

    Any gym around the world can use our software! Credit-card processing might be limited to the countries supported by our payment partners, but you can still run payments manually and use all of our features without limitation.

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