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AutoclaveEngineers, now part of the Instrumentation Products Division of ParkerHannifin, combines high pressure industry knowledge, manufacturing expertise,and technological innovation to offer a broad range of products and services toour customers across a wide range of industries.? Our goal is to design, produce and deliverproducts, systems and solutions that matter… while consistently exceedingcustomer expectations.


  • Low Pressure Instrumentation Products to 15,000psi (1035 bar)
  • Medium Pressure Instrumentation Products to20,000 psi (1380 bar)
  • High Pressure Instrumentation Products to 60,000psi (4135 bar)
  • Ultra High Pressure Instrumentation Products to150,000 psi (10350 bar)
  • Air Driven Liquid Pumps and Packaged Systems to60,000 psi (4135 bar)


Autoclave Engineers was always the right decision for HighPressure, now that we are with Parker – It’s the ONLY decision you need tomake.




What's New

"NEW" Electric Actuated Valve VFT Condensed Catalog Air Driven, High Pressure Pumps

Electric Actuated Shut-off/Flow Regulating Needle Valve

Electric Actuated Shut-off/Flow Regulating Needle Valve. Also, available in Explosion Proof Model


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For a quick overview of the Parker Autoclave Engineers product line please feel free to download our short form catalog here:


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Air-Driven, Positive-Displacement, High Pressure Liquid Pumps designed for service with Oil, Water and many Chemicals.


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FCC: FLARED CONED CONNECTION Coning & Threading Video Operation & Maintenance Manuals



Single Ferrule Flared Tube - Redundant (2) Sealing points, Antivibration, Eliminates Tube Extraction, up to 22,500 psi


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Model AEGCTM Coning and Threading Machine and Manual Coning and Threading Tools Instructional Video is now available for viewing.


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Please select from the list above available Operation and Maintenance manuals. New manuals will be added upon availability.







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