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Remember This

We have all seen/heard of former Trump voters who have expressed their regret for having supported him. We?ve heard from the farmers losing their family-owned farms due to Trump?s tariff wars, from the coal workers who were promised their industry would be made viable again, from factory workers who were told their jobs were secure but who are now unemployed ? the list goes on....

H2O Man

That was a good debate.

I think that each and every candidate on stage tonight demonstrated that they be superior president than Trump. That should be obvious to each and every Democrat watching the debate. None of these candidates is "perfect," and every voter will not have their first choice nominated. But there is every reason to be confident that we will have a strong and capable ticket in November....



Since no one else has started one yet...


Empathy? Empathy? Who the f*ck is Empathy? Heh.

Two things have got my attention in the last 24 hours that really make me despair for a progressive future, one across the pond and one from here in Brit land. Neither of these things is shocking or breaking news, rather they reinforce the shit place we find ourselves in, and I don?t know about you, but I want my country back from these right wing nasty bastards that have hi-jacked it....


Ah, the First Shitstorm of the Year! Delightful!

Last week, I was driven right up to the edge of madness, a perfectly reasonable reaction to all the vag candle news and whatnot. If anything pushes me all the way off the cliff, it?s learning that there?re somehow folks who look around our poor, hurting, world, from the Australian wildfires to the daily assaults on the pillars of American democracy, and decide to funnel their emotional energy into yelling at Burger King for saying ?damn? in a commercial. Anyway, don?t tell One Million Moms about this blog, I don?t think they could handle it....


Do not misunderstand what the Million Moms movement is doing.

They protested because the Hallmark channel showed an ad that involved, gasp, a lesbian couple.

Now, they are protesting because a Burger King commercial included, please, no, the word damn....


They'll believe just about anything except the truth

A friend of mine told me yesterday...

"You won't believe what's happening right now in Virginia. Law enforcement is going door-to-door confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens!"

I said that I found that hard to believe. I asked him, "Literally--right now as we are talking to each other, police are knocking on doors and taking people's guns?" He said yes. "The Democrats passed a law down there, and people can't have guns anymore!" ...

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LIVE: Reports of active shooter prompt lockdown at McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base

27 min ago - ALCOA, Tenn. (WVLT) ? An active shooter situation has been reported at McGhee Tyson Air National Guard Base, according to Lt. Col. Travers Hurst.Officials said the base is on lockdown.Authorities are at the scene but are unable to confirm or deny ... (local tv)

As Virginia gun rally approaches, Alex Jones and his Infowars outlet hype prospect of violence

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1 hr ago - Capitol Hill is ?furious? after Trump?s State Department abruptly cancelled briefing ?required by law?Published 1 min agoon January 15, 2020Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is receiving heat after the State Department stood-up Congress one day ... (raw story)

Senators won't be able to check their iPhones or talk among themselves during the trial.

1 hr ago - The top Republican and Democratic senators on Wednesday jointly announced new restrictions on movement and behavior by lawmakers, staff and members of the public inside the Capitol during President Trump?s impeachment trial.The restrictions on repo ... (New York Times)

Roberts, senators to be sworn in Thursday for impeachment trial

1 hr ago - Roberts, senators to be sworn in Thursday for impeachment trialBY JORDAIN CARNEY - 01/15/20 11:25 AM ESTChief Justice John Roberts and every senator will be sworn in as soon as Thursday for the soon-to-begin impeachment trial. A Senate GOP lead ... (The hill)

US firm offers free cybersecurity help to federal campaigns

1 hr ago - WASHINGTON (AP) ? A major U.S. web infrastructure and security company will provide free support to federal election campaigns to help thwart any repeats of the 2016 effort by Russian agents to steal and leak sensitive campaign emails and documents. ... (AP)

Christian school expels teen after she posed with rainbow birthday cake, mother says

1 hr ago - By Michael Brice-SaddlerKimberly Alford says she typically plans big birthday celebrations for her daughter. But when Kayla Kenney turned 15 late last month, the Louisville mother opted to organize a smaller gathering of friends and family at Texas ... (Washington Post)

Steve Bannon's warning to Apple: 'I would pay attention' to Trump's tweet on unlocking iPhones

2 hrs ago - Steve Bannon said Wednesday he believes President Donald Trump will ?drop the hammer? on technology companies if they don?t cooperate with investigators seeking information in the devices of criminal suspects.?If I were the guys at Apple, I would p ... (CNBC)

Sonoma County prepares to sue PG&E for damages from fire

2 hrs ago - SONOMA, Calif. (AP) ? A county in Northern California wine country is exploring plans to sue a utility over a massive wildfire last fall that combined with rolling power shutoffs caused losses of $725 million.The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors... (AP)

The impeachment managers are revealed.

2 hrs ago - Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California on Wednesday named seven House Democrats to serve as managers of the impeachment case against President Trump, selecting a diverse team to prosecute the case for his removal in the Senate.As expected, the most pro ... (New York Times)

US wholesale prices up slight 0.1% in December

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Russian government resigns after Putin proposes reforms that would weaken his successor

4 hrs ago - Moscow, Russia (CNN)The entire Russian government is resigning, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced Wednesday, after President Vladimir Putin proposed sweeping reforms that would weaken his successor. Putin thanked members of the government fo ... (CNN)

EU pressures Iran on atom deal in last-ditch bid to save it

4 hrs ago - By LORNE COOK and DAVID RISINGBRUSSELS (AP) ? Britain, France and Germany on Tuesday ratcheted up pressure on Iran to stop violating its landmark nuclear deal in a last-ditch effort to resolve their differences through talks while also starting a p ... (AP)

Putin proposes vote on constitutional shake-up that could extend his rule

4 hrs ago - https://www.reuters.com/article/us-russia-putin-idUSKBN1ZE15JWORLD NEWS JANUARY 15, 2020 / 5:26 AM / UPDATED AN HOUR AGOMOSCOW (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday proposed a nationwide vote on sweeping constitutional changes that wo ... (Reuters)

Pakistan: 21 more bodies recovered in avalanche-hit Kashmir

4 hrs ago - By ROSHAN MUGHALMUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan (AP) ? Search teams aided by Pakistani troops pulled out 21 more bodies from homes destroyed by this week?s avalanches in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, raising the overall death toll due to severe... (AP)

Target shares plunge as holiday sales miss estimates on weakness in toys and electronics

5 hrs ago - By Lauren Thomas & Courtney ReaganTarget was expected to be a winner this holiday season, amidst a sea of disappointing reports. But the big-box retailer said Wednesday that its holiday sales were weaker than planned.Its shares tumbled more than... (CNBC)

China: Possible that new virus could spread between humans

5 hrs ago - By YANAN WANGBEIJING (AP) ? The possibility that a new virus in central China could spread between humans cannot be ruled out, though the risk of transmission at the moment appears to be low, Chinese officials said Wednesday.Forty-one people in t ... (AP)

'Amazing': New embryo made of nearly extinct rhino species

6 hrs ago - By CARA ANNAJOHANNESBURG (AP) ? Researchers say they have successfully created another embryo of the nearly extinct northern white rhino in a global effort to keep the species alive. Just two animals remain, and both are female.The viable embryo... (AP)

Robert Hyde: Giuliani associate discussed surveilling Marie Yovanovitch

13 hrs ago - An associate of Rudy Giuliani appeared to discuss with another man the surveillance of US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch before she was ousted from her post last year, according to a tranche of documents made public Tuesday as part of the Ho ... (CNN)

GOP lawmaker accuses Rep. Matt Gaetz of creating 'a game' where politicians get 'points' for sleepin

13 hrs ago - In Florida politics, Rep. Matt Gaetz is not only known for getting into bitter arguments with Democrats ? he is also known for his feuds with fellow Republicans. And this week, things turned ugly after Gaetz attacked Republican State Rep. Chris Latva ... (Raw Story)

Michael Avenatti Arrested by Feds at California State Bar Hearing

14 hrs ago - Ex-Stormy Daniels lawyer and Trump antagonist Michael Avenatti was led out of the State Bar Court in Los Angeles by federal agents on Tuesday evening.The arrest occurred outside the disciplinary hearing in which the State Bar of California has ac ... (Daily Beast)

Missouri court permanently blocks key part of voter photo ID

15 hrs ago - JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) ? The Missouri Supreme Court on Tuesday permanently blocked a central portion of a 2016 voter identification law that it said had required a ?misleading? and ?contradictory? sworn statement from people lacking a photo ID.Th ... (AP)

Barnier: Goods entering Northern Ireland from Britain will be checked after Brexit

15 hrs ago - Goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain after Brexit will be subject to checks and controls, the EU?s chief negotiator said Tuesday, contradicting statements made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.?Implementation of this [Northern... (Politico)

Supreme Court weighs 'Bridgegate' -- with Christie in the front row

15 hrs ago - WASHINGTON ? Most of the justices on the U.S. Supreme Court expressed skepticism Tuesday about the federal government?s case in the infamous ?Bridgegate? scandal, several of them peppering a Justice Department lawyer with questions as former New Jers ... (Politico)

Trump: Saudi Arabia paid the US $1 billion for more troops. Pentagon: Eh, not quite.

16 hrs ago - Trump seemingly announced a major deal during his latest Fox News interview, but officials are walking it back.By Aaron Rupar@atrupar Jan 14, 2020, 1:20pm EST ............Trump?s comments immediately raised questions: Into which bank account ... (vox.com)

Former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn files to withdraw guilty plea in Mueller case

16 hrs ago - Former national security advisor Michael Flynn officially moved to withdraw his guilty plea Tuesday, more than two years after he initially said he had lied to federal agents about his contacts with a Russian diplomat before the inauguration of Presi ... (CNBC)

Trump slams Apple for refusing to unlock iPhones of suspected criminals

17 hrs ago - In a tweet, President Donald Trump addressed the conflict between the FBI and Apple over whether it is providing law enforcement with appropriate assistance to unlock the password-protected iPhones used by the shooting suspect at a Navy base in Pensa ... (CNBC)

Republican Party of Ky. files complaint against McGrath campaign

17 hrs ago - Posted: 5:29 PM, Jan 14, 2020(LEX 18) ? The Republican Party of Kentucky filed a complaint against Amy McGrath's campaign, alleging violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act and Federal Election Commission regulations................. ... (lex18.com)

New Video Shows Two Iranian Missiles Hit Ukrainian Plane

17 hrs ago - Security camera footage verified by The New York Times shows that two missiles fired 30 seconds apart took down Flight 752, killing all aboard.By Malachy Browne, Evan Hill, Logan Mitchell and Barbara MarcoliniThe New York Times has verified secur ... (NY Times)

Iran says U.S. bears blame for Iranian forces shooting down plane

17 hrs ago - Iran said Tuesday that dozens of people had been arrested over the Islamic Republic's apparently unintentional shooting down of a Ukrainian jetliner last week. The arrests come amid Iranian vows to fully and openly investigate the firing of the surfa ... (CBS News)

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