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Whether it's for work around the house, a workshop, a woodworking business or a school, our automated dust control systems improve convenience and ensure a cleaner, safer workplace.

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DIYers and Home Renovations
iVAC Switch products keep your home cleaner and healthier by reducing dust build-up and mitigating airborne dust particles. Easy-to-use, easy to install. You'll never say: "I'll clean it up later" again. Learn more »


Hobbyists and Woodworkers
Shop dust control is critical for workshops, and woodworking in general. An iVAC automated dust collection system can make your shop safer and more convenient so you spend less time cleaning and more time creating. Learn more »

Schools and Professionals

Schools and Professionals
iVAC automated dust control systems are used in schools, by trades and in professional workshops to ensure optimum dust control. Our systems are designed to grow as your shop does. Learn more »