Strategic Human Resource professional with ability to lead and design Human Resource departments, processes, and procedures. Skilled in HR program and project implementation, developments and improvements. Entrepreneurial leader capable of setting and achieving goals in constantly changing and fast-paced environments. Highly focused on goals-achievement with capability to develop with growing operations. Independent self-starter who uses sound judgment in decision-making. Proven ability to exceed goals and foster successful outcomes. Possesses excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills. Strong attention to details and decidedly analytical. Capable of interacting and collaborating with senior leaders. Skilled problem-solver focused on leading, motivating, coaching, and developing staff. Recognized for strong expertise in all HR areas.

After working for over six years as church district pastor, teacher, trainer and administrator, over 5 years ago, I made career shift to become the trusted Certified Financial Professional that I am today. With an MBA and more than 15 year-transformational-leadership experience in Human Resources Management, particularly Employee Engagement, Compliance, Compensation/Benefits. I delight in analyzing complex departmental or organizational projects, budget requirements, programs, policies, procedures, and operations. I work with other professionals to find creative and innovative ways to solve problems. I also enjoy detailed work managing deliverables and coordinating with multiple stakeholders to ensure timely delivery of projects.

I have led several large teams in the past. My long experience as a leader, teacher, trainer, mentor/coach, legal professional helped me succeed in my different HR positions. In regards with compensation/benefits, was I was more involved in strategic planning and analysis, supervision, leadership, training, employee relations and employee retentions, I worked in collaboration with the compensation/benefit teams.

My experience and skills gained by collaborating with the benefits/compensation teams include, but not limited to the following:

1-Surveying the market to determine the ideal salary in a salary range and benefits scale per position in the industry market-rate, strategic planning, designing and implementing fair compensation distribution and procedures to motivate employees. to create, maintain, or improve employee engagement.

2-Surveying my employees and managers about their levels of satisfaction, engagement, and performance in relation with the pay-scales and benefits received.

3-Using sometimes regression modeling and analysis to establish salary and benefits distribution criteria including, but not limited to: employee’s years of experience, skills quality, level of education, current salary and benefits, achievements or job performance, FTE status, exempt and non-exempt status, location, etc.,

4-In addition to salaries, my compensation plans included (1) direct compensation such as gift-cards, stocks, retirement benefits, allowances, health insurance, daycare, gym, counseling, and any other benefit are included in compensation figures. (2) indirect compensation such as work-life balance and flexible schedule, horizontal and vertical recognition, overtime pay, vacation, profit-sharing whenever goals are met, merit pay, Sign-on bonuses, annual bonuses, relocation bonuses, transportation, housing, school, and meal reimbursement, healthcare benefits (medical, dental, vision, etc.)

5-In collaboration with my teams, I help increased employee retention-rate from 60% to 90% just by designing, implementing, maintaining, and providing competitive compensation programs and benefit which include all the above, as well as professional development, training, tuition reimbursement, empowerment, mentor-ship, Employee retention, clear job description, fair salary and benefits distribution, fair conflict management, due process, safe environment, empowerment, and accountability, delegation, mobility, and career. I worked with people from different cultural, generational, and academic backgrounds, the fact that I speech English, Creole, French, and Spanish contributed to my success.

? Organizational Development
? Strategic Planning & Program Management
? Fundraising, Budgeting & Cost Controls
? Employee Engagement, Inclusion & Diversity
? Employee Relations
? Affirmative Action Plans (AAP)
? Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)
? Compensation & Benefits
? Training, Coaching & Development
? Regulatory Compliance & HR Laws
? Performance Management & Team Building
? New Hire Program & Employee Handbooks
? Recruiting & Retention
? Procurement & Vendor Management
? Work Force Planning & Reduction In Force
? Needs Analysis & Process Improvements
? Policy, Discipline & Separation

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